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In Rhythm Lyrics

You’re with me in the morning
You’re with me in the night
your love will never leave me
you’re always by my side

I’ll praise You in the darkness
I’ll praise You in the light
Cuz when I’m living for you
I’m living my best life

I will glorify You forever
Cuz your love gets better with time
With all my heart I’ll seek you forever
You’re the only one I wanna find

You won’t stop chasing
me with your love, me with your love
So my heart accepts your pursuit

I will surrender the rest of my days
To follow your ways
My hearts in rhythm with you

The heart of the Father
The glory of the King
The power of Your Spirit
Is moving within me

I’m living in Your freedom
I’m living in Your peace
I’m living in the presence
And shadow of Your wings

All of my days I’ll give
My praise
My praise
All of my days are for You

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