SEU Worship - More Than Miracles Lyrics

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  • Song Title: More Than Miracles
  • Album: Heaven Life (Live) [Live]
  • Artist: SEU Worship
  • Released On: 02 Nov 2018
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SEU Worship More Than Miracles

More Than Miracles Lyrics

I was blind and broken
Couldn't find my way
Then I met the Healer
Now I'm forever changed

As I call upon your name
You never fail to reach me every time

More than a feeling
More than a sign

I want your spirit at work in my life
This is my story
God in my life
Freeing the captives
And giving me sight
It's all true
It's all you
More than miracles to me
Jesus my everything

Even when I feel spent
Let my worship never end
You're worthy of the praise I bring
And if the signs don't come
God you are still enough
You're more than miracles
To me 

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