SEU Worship - Fountain of Youth Lyrics

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  • Song Title: Fountain of Youth
  • Album: SEU Worship (Live)
  • Artist: SEU Worship
  • Released On: 10 Feb 2017
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SEU Worship Fountain of Youth

Fountain of Youth Lyrics

All my life I was searching for the truth
An endless chase for the fountain of my youth
Of all I found at the end of my pursuit
There's no match for the life I found in You 

Filled with Your love
Found in Your truth
I am forever young in You
You are my hope
My fountain of Youth
Jesus my future's found in You
Jesus my future's found in You 

Years go by and I still know You're the truth
An endless love that exchanges old for new
So here's my life let it be Your living proof
There's no match to the life that's found in You

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