Russ Taff - Silent Love Lyrics

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  • Song Title: Silent Love
  • Album: Medals
  • Artist: Russ Taff
  • Released On: 29 Dec 1985
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Russ Taff Silent Love

Silent Love Lyrics

You knew my days from first to last
Before a single one had passed
And as the world was brought to be
You lovingly designed and crafted me

I walk along the path you trace
I feel your presence in each place
And if the darkness hides the day
Love's flowing out of you to light my way

Your silent love comes over me
In the stillness of my memory
I feel your touch
I've heard you call
Your silent love remains unchanged and strong

My deepest hopes and fears are known
No private thought that can't be shown
And every wounded place I see
Is drawing me to you and you to me

So as each moment passes by
I look to you to guide my life
For I have come to understand
That nothing can remove me from your hand

Repeat Chorus

And forever, my Lord
My heart belongs to you
For I need not see you to love

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