Russ Taff - Circuit Rider Lyrics

Circuit Rider Lyrics

(Verse 1)
Two men rode out on horseback;
Said "Good-bye & until then;
I should not be surprised at all, if I never see you again"

(Pre-Chorus A:)
He said, "If you never see me,
make sure you tell my friends that
I was preaching 'Jesus saves' until the bitter end"

(Verse 2:)
His voice was like the thunder;
and we stayed there all night long. He baptized several thousand;
and he taught us right from wrong.

(Pre-Chorus B:)
Most nights he went hungry;
He slept on cabin floors
But he spoke just like a hurricane
On fire for the Lord.

He came through town at midnight with a Bible and a cross;
he looked just like an outlaw, a Jesse James for God.
And I wanted to go with him; when he told how Jesus died.

Come on, circuit rider; and let me take a ride, ride, ride. Ride, ride, ride.

(Verse 3)
He taught us by example;
He lived it day by day.
He took in every orphan,
Sent some demons on their way.

Bridge 1:
He'd visit all the old folks;
He'd lend a helping hand.
And in the face of danger;
He would always take a stand.

Bridge 2:
He died at eighty-seven;
And we all could feel the loss.
He was always our Saint Peter
On the Day of Pentecost.

The last time that I saw him;
he was ridin' 'round the bend;
but the man was preaching
"Jesus saves" until the bitter end.


Ride, ride, circuit rider.
Let me ride (4x repeats)
I want to ride.
Everybody get on board now and take a ride.
I want to ride, let me ride.

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Circuit Rider Lyrics -  Russ Taff

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