Nothing Like

Nothing Like Lyrics

Verse 1:
I’ve heard all the songs
Gazed on beauty bold
Been to places
Wonders new and old .

Verse 2:
I’ve chased the highest peaks
Through deserts to the sea
But still left wanting
Still He’s all I seek .

Pre Chorus:
But I won’t waste my confidence, no
In anything but Him alone
The sum of all my fears dissolving
In His love, in His love .

There’s nothing like His great love
Nothing like what He’s done
No victory like His blood won
He’s overcome, He’s overcome .

Verse 3:
I’ve read ancient tales
Of wisdoms long prevailed
But none bring life like the
Gospel’s fire in me .

Pre Chorus 2:
So make me zealous for the truth, God
Turn Your face towards my own
Possess my heart and lead me always
In Your love, in Your love .

Bridge 1:
He says He is the Potter
Shaping me like clay
What I lay on the altar
His fire will strip away .

Bridge 2:
His Holy name my treasure
His saving grace my prize
His passion I can’t fathom
His strength is on my side .

Bridge 3:
It’s in the way He knows us
It’s in the way He loves
It’s in the way He shows us
It’s us He’s thinking of

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