Citipointe Worship - Nothing Like Lyrics

Nothing Like Lyrics

Verse 1:
I’ve heard all the songs
Gazed on beauty bold
Been to places
Wonders new and old

Verse 2:
I’ve chased the highest peaks
Through deserts to the sea
But still left wanting
Still He’s all I seek

Pre Chorus:
But I won’t waste my confidence, no
In anything but Him alone
The sum of all my fears dissolving
In His love, in His love

There’s nothing like His great love
Nothing like what He’s done
No victory like His blood won
He’s overcome, He’s overcome

Verse 3:
I’ve read ancient tales
Of wisdoms long prevailed
But none bring life like the
Gospel’s fire in me

Pre Chorus 2:
So make me zealous for the truth, God
Turn Your face towards my own
Possess my heart and lead me always
In Your love, in Your love

Bridge 1:
He says He is the Potter
Shaping me like clay
What I lay on the altar
His fire will strip away

Bridge 2:
His Holy name my treasure
His saving grace my prize
His passion I can’t fathom
His strength is on my side

Bridge 3:
It’s in the way He knows us
It’s in the way He loves
It’s in the way He shows us
It’s us He’s thinking of

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