Citipointe Worship - Up Lyrics

Up Lyrics

Verse 1
When I’m feeling dry and the fire's going out
I will hold on to this hope I have found
Through all the joy and chaos, You are the same
I will stand firm with faith to remain

Pre Chorus
Even in the trial
Even in the valley
You will never leave me
You will not forsake me

Up, up, up
Out of the ashes, into Your presence
Up, up, up
Open the heavens, pour out Your spirit
We lift Your praises higher
Your love is deep and wider
Up, up, up
We lift Your name, lift Your name up

Verse 2
When the mountains say
That they won’t bow down
I will speak Your name
And show them Your crown

If you don’t move, then I won’t move
Your word will light the way, I know that
If you don’t move, then I won’t move
Your love will never fail, I know that

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