Citipointe Worship - Gravity Lyrics

Gravity Lyrics

Verse 1:
You have always been there, You’ve never left my side.
Even in my weakness, I’m unable to hide
Cause You are right beside me, Your hand is my guide
Revealing all the answers, only You could provide

You part the sea and surpassed the law of gravity
When I was lost, You made a way and rescued me
You tore the veil so I could run to You freely
Now I’m undone with all the love You have for me

Verse 2:
There is no one like You, uninhibited by time
Creator of beginning, You’re the only un-designed
In Your matchless presence, my heart comes alive
With no restraints I worship You undignified

Constant companion on You I depend
My cornerstone and my faithful friend
You are my refuge, in You I can stand
I will exalt You till the very end

Bridge Tag:
Till the very end
Till the very end
Till the very end

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