NewSong - Like Minded, Like Hearted Lyrics

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  • Song Title: Like Minded, Like Hearted
  • Album: Arise My of Newsong
  • Artist: NewSong
  • Released On: 20 Apr 2004
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NewSong Like Minded, Like Hearted

Like Minded, Like Hearted Lyrics

We have our different ways
Sometimes we dont relate
We seem to be worlds apart
we live our seperate lives
Yet we are unified
By what's inside our hearts

The Spirit of our God
Is living in each of us
That's what makes us one
Bound together by His love

Like-minded, like-hearted
In perfect harmony
Like-minded, like-hearted
For all eternity
Praise to the Father
Praise to the Son
Praise to the Spirit who makes us one
Like-minded, one

It seems that we concentrate
On everyone's mistakes
And point out our differences
It's such a waste of time
Let's lift each other high
Forgiving our weaknesses

Love can bring us all
Together in one accord
Divided we will fall
United we can change the world

Children of God - Can we all agree?
Children of God - We are family
Children of God - Jesus shed His blood
Children of God - He's the bridge of love

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