Matthew West

Too Young Too Soon Lyrics

Hey there, Sam, that sure was some smile on your face
Standing on the stage at the fifth grade Christmas play
You were everybody’s friend, nobody’s enemy
But there were storm clouds deep inside you
Nobody else could see
What was really going on
Now we can’t believe you’re gone

Too Young Too Soon
This world lost you
Hearts break in two
Too Young Too Soon

They say everybody’s fighting a hidden battle of their own
I’ve fought my own enough to know it’s true
Sometimes lonely makes it hard to see that you’re really not alone
We would’ve gladly stood beside to fight your fight with you

Now we ask God why
Never thought we’d have to say goodbye

Be kind, speak love
Go find someone
Who needs a friend
Reach out your hand
Don’t point, don’t laugh
Life’s too short for that
No cliques, start now
No one left out

Cuz hearts break in two
For the Too Young Too Soon

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