Matthew West - Brand New Lyrics

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  • Song Title: Brand New
  • Album: Brand New
  • Artist: Matthew West
  • Released On: 14 Feb 2020
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Matthew West Brand New

Brand New Lyrics

When you close your eyes do you go back there
To a bended knee and a Lord I need you whispered prayer
Remember the moment you let Jesus in
Would you give anything to go back there again
You feel like a million mistakes and a million miles
Away from the first time faith of a child
But oh, I want you to know
He’s making you new
He’s making you new
He’s healing your heart right where you are
If only you knew
He’s lifting your shame
He’s changing your name
And when you look back the only thing that
You’ll see is His grace
Has been making you brand new
He is making you brand new
When it just doesn’t feel like the old you is gone
Shame keeps telling your heart that you should be further along
You can fix your eyes now on the truth you know
That you are held by the hands of a Savior that won’t let go
Anyone in Christ is now a new creation
Every day you’re closer to the you He’s making
Take one last look back and see your past erasing
You are not who you were, that’s over and done
So lift up your eyes to the one

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