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Light The Way by Matt Maher

Song Information
  • Song Title: Light the Way
  • Album: Alive & Breathing
  • Artist: Matt Maher
  • Released On: 06 Mar 2020
  • Download/Stream: iTunes Music

Light The Way Lyrics

There’s a song of resurrection

Hope that fills the weary soul

You have made your home inside, I’m not alone

In The shadow of the valley 

Your word a lamp when I can’t see

May I not forget the promise leading me

You’re leading me

You light the way

You light the way

With a fire by night, and a cloud by day

You light the way

You light the way

Where You go I’ll go

Where You stay I’ll stay

You light the way

We are pilgrims on a journey

Hungry for what lies beyond

Strangers once now they are family, we belong

We are tellers of a story

Of word made flesh and kingdom come

Sinners saints and hope of glory

Christ alone, oh Christ alone

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