You Are Healed Lyrics - Mark Crowder

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Song Information
  • Song Title: You Are Healed
  • Album: Faith over Fear (Live)
  • Released On: 09 Jul 2021
  • Download/Stream: iTunes Music

You Are Healed Lyrics

Verse 1
You are healed
By the stripes upon his back
You are healed
By the promises of God
You’re made healed
You have authority
To be strong 
By His power you will be 
made strong
Through His Name that has no equal
You’re strong
This is your time to be

Free from every weight
And we say healed in Jesus name
Every chain binding your mind
It will be broken cast aside
You are healed
You are free

In Jesus name
Call on the name of Jesus
In Jesus name
The curse is broken 

Virtue is flowing 3x
You are healed
Virtue is flowing 3x
You are free

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