LifePoint Worship - Holy Spirit Come Lyrics

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  • Song Title: Holy Spirit Come
  • Album: Holy Spirit Come
  • Artist: LifePoint Worship
  • Released On: 11 Nov 2015
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LifePoint Worship Holy Spirit Come

Holy Spirit Come Lyrics

As Your mercy draws us near
I feel Your love removing every fear
Nothing in my hands I bring
I'm surrendering my everything

Holy Spirit come
Fall afresh on us
Heaven's open wide
Fill us with Your life

Holy Spirit reign
as Your people sing
We are desperate for
more of You our Lord

Holy Spirit have Your way
By Your power fill our hearts with faith
Stir this passion deep within
Let revival's fire burn again

So let my passion burn like fire
Let my heart be unafraid
Let my soul sing hallelujah
Jesus You have made a way

So let Your presence rise like fire
Let Your Spirit fall like rain
We are desperate for revival
Jesus You're the only way

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