LifePoint Worship - A Million Hallelujahs Lyrics

Contents: Song Information
  • Song Title: A Million Hallelujahs
  • Album: Heart Of Heaven
  • Artist: LifePoint Worship
  • Released On: 04 Oct 2019
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LifePoint Worship A Million Hallelujahs

A Million Hallelujahs Lyrics

Verse 1
Hope of a fallen world
Took every heart of stone
Planted Your spirit deep
Mercy in every seed

Verse 2
For Your amazing grace
I give You unending praise
Even when trials come
Jesus, You're still enough

Hallelujah, hope beyond the pain
Hallelujah, stronger than the grave
Hallelujah, God, You never change
A million hallelujahs will never grasp Your name

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