LifePoint Worship - Come Like The Wind Lyrics

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  • Song Title: Come like the Wind
  • Album: Come like the Wind - Single
  • Artist: LifePoint Worship
  • Released On: 09 Apr 2021
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LifePoint Worship Come Like The Wind

Come Like The Wind Lyrics

Verse 1
Let this be a house where you long to stay
Let it be a place you dwell
Where you are our cornerstone
Let it be a place for you

Come like the wind
Fall like the rain
We need your presence now in this place
God be enthroned
Here in our praise
We're never turning back have your way

Verse 2
Let the doors be open to the lost
Every story welcome here
You can change this heart of stone
And let it beat for You alone

Bridge 1 
I see the church arising
I see it taking ground
I see Your spirit working
I see it

Bridge 2
I see the things we prayed for
I see them come to life
I see revival stirring
I see it

Verse 3
Let the church become the bride You saw
As you took Your final breath
So with every voice we'll lift the song
Of the one who is to come

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