Legacy Five - What Faith Does Lyrics

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  • Song Title: What Faith Does
  • Album: God's Been Good
  • Artist: Legacy Five
  • Released On: 20 May 2008
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Legacy Five What Faith Does

What Faith Does Lyrics

You ask me why I believe like I do
Why I'm so convinced that the Bible is true
I'm here to tell you, it's only because
I've come through enough to see what faith does 

Faith sees the invisible, believes the impossible
Receives the incredible, no matter what was
Faith moves the unmovable, proves the unprovable
For anyone willing to trust
Believe and you'll see what faith does 

Verse 2 
If there's a mountain that stands in your way
From all you can see, it will be there to stay
God said with the faith of a small mustard seed
That mountain will move, believe and you'll see

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