Legacy Five - Every Morning Lyrics

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  • Song Title: Every Morning
  • Album: God's Been Good
  • Artist: Legacy Five
  • Released On: 20 May 2008
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Legacy Five Every Morning

Every Morning Lyrics

Verse 1
Come on brother, come on sister, you are gonna make it through
Deep in the valley, when you're discouraged, don't give up whatever you do
Keep believing, keep on reaching for every promise God has made
He'll see you through the darkest night to the dawning of a brand new day

Every morning, His mercies are new
Every morning, God is smiling on you
Give Him glory in every thing you do, this is the day God has made
Be encouraged, He is working His plan
He'll turn it all around like only He can
If you feel you've run out of grace, He's got more for each day you face
For His mercies are new every morning

Verse 2
In the darkness, there is weeping, but it will only last a night
On the horizon, the dawn is coming, you'll have joy in the morning light
The Lord's favor will not waver, He's strong enough to see you through
Each time you see that rising sun, there is never ending grace for you


Every morning, every morning

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