In A Million Years Lyrics - Legacy Five

Legacy Five

Song Information
  • Song Title: In a Million Years
  • Album: God's Been Good
  • Released On: 20 May 2008
  • Download/Stream: iTunes Music

In A Million Years Lyrics

In a million years, we'll still be singing His praises
With the family and the friends who've gone before
Oh the shouts will rise through the Eastern skies, all the way to heavens shore
And in a million years, we'll be ready for a million more

Verse 1
When I was young, I would play in the field for hours
Sometimes it seemed the day went by so fast
And I would pray for a never ending day somehow
Then I read in the Word about how long heaven lasts


Verse 2
Now I'm older and I'm blessed with a home and family
Though some have gone on, a few more have come our way
There's a promise true and mercies new every morning
And we'll all be together singing forever someday


In a million years, we'll start all over again
In a million years, praising the Great I Am

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