Legacy Five - Heavenly Signs Lyrics

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  • Song Title: Heavenly Signs
  • Album: God's Been Good
  • Artist: Legacy Five
  • Released On: 20 May 2008
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Legacy Five Heavenly Signs

Heavenly Signs Lyrics

Verse 1
Can you see the hands of time move without delay
Can you hear the whispering winds seem as if they say
Everything's about to change, something's in the air
Heavenly signs of Christ's return surround us everywhere

Heavenly signs say "Jesus is coming"
Heavenly signs say "Soon He will appear"
When He gathers all His children
Heavenly signs will surely say, "We're leaving here"

Verse 2
Those of us who watch and wait, see it all so clear
This world cannot go on like this, the end is surely near
Well, do not fret, oh, child of God, help is on the way
Lift up your head, redemption's nigh, it could be today


Heavenly signs will surely say,
Heavenly signs will surely say,
We're leaving, leaving here

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