Legacy Five - Ask Me Why Lyrics

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  • Song Title: Ask Me Why
  • Album: A Wonderful Life
  • Artist: Legacy Five
  • Released On: 18 Oct 2011
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Legacy Five Ask Me Why

Ask Me Why Lyrics

Vs 1
She slipped thru the door
Sat on the last pew
A heart full of questions
And a world torn in two
Bearing the weight
Of years of regret
She listened to the preacher
When he stood up and said
If you're somewhere between doubt and believin'
Friend, I have answers
For all that you're needin'

Ask me who and I'll tell you it's Jesus
Ask me how and I'll say it's the Blood
Ask me where and I'll take you to Calvary
Ask me why and I'll tell you it's love

Vs 2
It's been years since she
Found amazing grace
It's been a long journey
But each battle she's faced
Has proven God faithful
Time and again
And the chance to tell others
Who are right where she's been
Somewhere between doubt and believin'
God has the answers
For all that you're needin'

It's Love that held Him to the Cross
It's Love that came to save the lost

It's love, it's love, it's love

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