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Since Jesus Moved In by Kingdom Heirs

Song Information
  • Song Title: Since Jesus Moved In
  • Album: True to the Call
  • Artist: Kingdom Heirs
  • Released On: 16 Apr 2007
  • Download/Stream: iTunes Music

Since Jesus Moved In Lyrics

Verse 1
Traveling life's highway, living life my way, I roamed so far
Never knowing God had a wonderful plan for a sinner like me
Then He forgave me, cleansed me and saved me and now I see
There is just one way I'd ever have this life of victory

When Jesus moved in'.He created everything brand new again
Changed my way of living, giving me joy I could never have known
Kingdom Heirs, Southern Gospel Music's Ambassadors to All

I didn't know then''all I had to lose and all I had to win
He is mine forever, never will I make this journey alone
Worldly things I used to love''..I just don't love anymore
Now I'm looking up above'.at all that heaven has in store
This song in my heart is a never ending song of praise to him
I am not the sinner I had been since Jesus moved in

Verse 2
Ever he's changing, still re-arranging this life of mine
Teaching me to walk this heavenly road I'm traveling on
I'm still growing, happy in knowing my sins are gone
I would never go back to that life I knew so long ago


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