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I Am the Way by Kingdom Heirs

Song Information
  • Song Title: I Am the Way
  • Album: True to the Call
  • Artist: Kingdom Heirs
  • Released On: 16 Apr 2007
  • Download/Stream: iTunes Music

I Am the Way Lyrics

Verse 1
Mary went to find Him at the tomb
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"Jesus is not here", the angel said
"Don't look for one alive among the dead"

Verse 2
Mary turned around to see the Lord
And He asked, "Who are you looking for?
Mary, Mary tell Me why you weep?.
If you open up your heart your eyes will see"

I Am salvation
I Am God's grace
I Am His Wisdom
I AM his face
I AM his mercy
The object of faith
I Am forgivenss
I Am the Way

Verse 3
I asked the Lord, "Will You give me patience
Power, love and strength to see me through?"
I wanted all of the gifts over the Giver
He said, "Child, I am all these things to you"

"If you will only seek Me and my righteousness
Then all these things are added unto you"

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