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Looking Out For You by Kingdom Heirs

Song Information
  • Song Title: Looking Out for You
  • Album: True to the Call
  • Artist: Kingdom Heirs
  • Released On: 16 Apr 2007
  • Download/Stream: iTunes Music

Looking Out For You Lyrics

Verse 1
There were times I know you thought that it was a hopeless situation
You did every earthly thing that you could do
All the while you felt like giving up from you frustrations
But look at Who was looking out for you

He's still walking down dusty roads
Calming storms and troubled souls
Restoring hope whne hope was gone
Winning battles you could never win
Standing with you when you need a friend
Be not weary on the journey, child for you can't lose
Just look at who's been looking out for you

Verse 2
At times the darkness settles in and tries to steal your vision
You stumble as you try to make it through
But don't forget the promises the Child of God's been given
Remember who's been looking out for you


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