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I Want You To Know by Kingdom Heirs

Song Information
  • Song Title: I Want You to Know
  • Album: True to the Call
  • Artist: Kingdom Heirs
  • Released On: 16 Apr 2007
  • Download/Stream: iTunes Music

I Want You To Know Lyrics

Verse 1
Lord, I want you to know how sweet this journey's been
Since I've been walking with you
Climbing each mountain, walking each valley
Every little river we go through
Even if I stumble as I travel
You will keep me as I go
I'm looking forward to my heavenly home
And I want you to know

I want You to know
(Lord, I'm so thankful for the love you've given me)
I want you to hear
(My heart rejoicing since I'm not the man I used to be)
I want you to see
(That I've been faithful ever since that day you saved my soul)
I wanna serve you wherever I go
And I want you to know

Lord, I want You to know I'll be a witness
Wherever You lead I will go
Ever proclaiming, telling Your story
Helping the lost find their way home
Knowing You are walking here beside me

Keeps me moving toward my goal
With heaven in view, I'd never turn back
And I want you to know


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