Heaven Was Counting to Three Lyrics - Kingdom Heirs

Kingdom Heirs

Song Information
  • Song Title: Heaven Was Counting to Three
  • Album: The Last Big Thing
  • Released On: 29 Sep 2017
  • Download/Stream: iTunes Music

Heaven Was Counting to Three Lyrics

Justice had called for sin's payment.
The purest and holy must die.
And only one Lamb was found worthy.
Heaven hushed as He said His Goodbye.
He willingly walked up Golgotha with a heavy old cross on His back
And a mountain of sin on His shoulders.
Heaven wept as the Lamb breathed His last.

The day skies turned darker than midnight
and the earth quaked in sadness and grief
But while Satan was counting his victory,
All of Heaven was counting to three.

Heaven knew that death could not hold Him
and it was only a matter of time
When that stone at the door would start rolling
and the angel would declare He's alive!

Just imagine the anticipation up in Heaven as the hours passed by.
One day, then two days and counting for tomorrow they knew He would rise
And death would die.


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