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  • Beatrice

    I love this song,I heard it through when I worship,I 4 months ago

  • Faith Kimatu

    I love the organization of this song, it leaves me as an individual feeling that God indeed answers prayers, heals and restores the brokenhearted and hopeless, reminding you that He is your first love and forever faithful.
    I heard it through our worship leader Mrs.Joyce Kiiru. She Taught us to lead worship in the main service during Occupy conference. I'm glad that this song is inspired by God.

    May God continue to preserve you Kathy and your team as you serve Him through worship.

    I will make a prayer for you as I sleep today.

    4 months ago

  • Erick Wangila

    the song really blesses my heart. it gives me assurity that indeed God hears n he really answers our prayers whenever we get to our knees..... 5 months ago

  • Daniel

    It gives me joy and revive my soul 5 months ago

  • Mercy Willy

    These song heals my heart in a very unique way...its my alarm in the morning.May God bless you 6 months ago

  • Beatrice Serem

    wow.....indeed a great song. Whenever I hear it, it gives peace in my heart. May the Lord use you to touch many souls and May His will prevail in your life. 6 months ago

  • Margaret

    This is great,may God use you as vessels..nyenyekeeni tu 6 months ago

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