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  • Blessing

    I so much love this song like seriously 2 months ago

  • Faith Linus

    I love this song it amazing more grace on d singer love u more 2 months ago

  • Amazing

    Am really in love with this song just downloaded it now, More GRACE to do more 2 months ago

  • Prisca

    I so much love this song 2 months ago

  • Alaba

    I love this song so much that i keep on singing it over and over again... More grace and strength to carry on!! 2 months ago

  • Jeanifer

    This is indeed a song worth playing ova and ova again. God strengthen u ma and more Grace 2 months ago

  • Esi Nkansah

    I'm really trilled upon hearing this wonderful song. You made the right choice choosing Jesus over gold. 2 months ago

  • Henry Olipapa

    His really more than gold 2 months ago

  • Christiana Ita

    I really love this song My heart beat for him, More grace sis 2 months ago

  • Adaku Paul

    I so much love this in fact is really touching this is the kind of thing I want 2 months ago

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