Joe Mettle + Ntokozo Mbambo + Vashawn Mitchell - Amen Lyrics

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  • Song Title: Amen
  • Album: VaShawn Mitchell Presents Africa Worship
  • Artist: Joe Mettle
  • Released On: 14 Aug 2020
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Joe Mettle Amen

Amen Lyrics

Our Father in Heaven, Hallowed be thy Name
Thy kingdom come; thy will be done
On earth as it is in Heaven

Amen amen amen 
Amen amen amen 

Give us this day our daily bread
And forgive our debts, as we forgive
Those who sin against us, yeah

Let Your kingdom come (Amen Amen)
And Your will be done (Amen Amen)

Amen amen (Amen amen) 
Amen amen (Amen amen)

Yehla Nkosi singageni 
(Come down Lord, Do not lead us)
Ekulingweni usikhulule 
(Into temptation, and deliver us)
Kokuphi Amen 
(From evil, Amen!)
Give us this day, our daily bread
And forgive our sins as we forgive
Those who sin against us, Amen

Let Your kingdom come (Amen Amen)
And Your will be done (Amen Amen)

Amen amen (Amen amen) 
Amen amen (Amen amen)

Bayete kuwe (Amen Amen ah)
Sithi Uphakeme, uphakeme, uphakeme 
Bayete Bayete (Amen Amen ah)
Bayete (Amen Amen ah )

Let Your kingdom come (Amen Amen)
And Your will be done (Amen Amen)

Amen amen (Amen amen) 

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Amen Song Meaning, Biblical Reference and Inspiration

Amen Lyrics -  Joe Mettle

"Amen" is a soul-stirring song performed by renowned gospel artists Joe Mettle, Ntokozo Mbambo, and Vashawn Mitchell. This heartfelt worship anthem has touched the hearts of believers worldwide with its powerful message of faith, surrender, and the acknowledgment of God's sovereignty.

I. The Meaning of "Amen":

1.1 Exploring the Depth of "Amen":
The word "Amen" is derived from the biblical Hebrew and Greek languages and is commonly used to express agreement, affirmation, or a declaration of belief. In the context of this song, "Amen" serves as a declaration of trust and surrender to God's will. It signifies the recognition of God's authority and the desire for His kingdom to come and His will to be done on earth as it is in heaven.

1.2 Surrendering to God's Will:
The lyrics of "Amen" beautifully capture the essence of surrendering our lives to God, acknowledging His sovereignty, and seeking His guidance and provision on a daily basis. The song emphasizes the importance of relying on God for our daily needs, seeking His forgiveness, and extending forgiveness to others.

1.3 Unity in Faith:
"Amen" also highlights the unity of believers, as it is often sung as a congregational anthem. By declaring "Amen" together, believers join their voices in agreement and faith, reinforcing the sense of community and strengthening their connection with God.

II. The Inspiration or Story Behind "Amen":

2.1 Collaboration of Gospel Powerhouses:
The collaboration of Joe Mettle, Ntokozo Mbambo, and Vashawn Mitchell in "Amen" brings together the unique gifts and anointing of these gospel powerhouses. Their desire to create a song that impacts and uplifts believers is evident in the passion and sincerity with which they deliver the lyrics. The artists' shared vision to touch the hearts of believers globally and inspire them to live a life of faith and surrender is a driving force behind the creation of this powerful anthem.

2.2 The Influence of Personal Experiences:
While the specific inspiration or story behind "Amen" may not be publicly documented, it is likely that the artists' personal experiences and encounters with God have influenced the creation of this song. Each artist has a notable journey of faith, and their individual encounters with God's grace, mercy, and provision may have played a role in shaping the heartfelt lyrics and the overall message of the song.

III. Bible Verses that Relate to "Amen":

3.1 The Lord's Prayer:
The lyrics of "Amen" echo the teachings of Jesus in the Lord's Prayer, where He instructs His disciples on how to pray. The song references the following verses from the Lord's Prayer:

- "Our Father in Heaven, Hallowed be thy Name" (Matthew 6:9)
- "Thy kingdom come; thy will be done, on earth as it is in Heaven" (Matthew 6:10)
- "Give us this day our daily bread" (Matthew 6:11)
- "And forgive us our debts, as we forgive those who sin against us" (Matthew 6:12)

These verses emphasize the themes of surrender, reliance on God's provision, forgiveness, and the desire for God's kingdom to be established on earth.

3.2 Declarations of Faith:
Throughout the Bible, "Amen" is used as a declaration of faith and agreement. In the Old Testament, the word "Amen" is often used at the end of prayers or declarations to signify affirmation and belief (Numbers 5:22, Deuteronomy 27:15-26). In the New Testament, the word is used by Jesus Himself to emphasize the truth and certainty of His teachings (Matthew 5:18, John 3:3-5).


"Amen" by Joe Mettle, Ntokozo Mbambo, and Vashawn Mitchell is a powerful worship anthem that resonates with believers worldwide. Through its heartfelt lyrics, the song encourages believers to surrender their lives to God, acknowledge His sovereignty, and seek His will in all things. The collaboration of these gospel powerhouses and their shared vision to impact lives through music has resulted in a song that stirs the hearts of believers and brings them closer to God.

As we sing "Amen" together, let us declare our faith and agreement with the profound message of the song. May it serve as a reminder of our need for God's provision, forgiveness, and His kingdom to come on earth. Let us continue to seek His will and surrender our lives to Him, knowing that He is faithful and worthy of our trust.

Amen, amen, amen!

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