Mighty man of War, Lion of Judah
We bow down and worship you
Yahweh Yahweh, come and do what only you can do

You are the God that killeth and also make alive
You're the Lion yet you are the Lamb of God
Yahweh Yahweh, come and do what only you can do
You are my glory and the lifter of my head
Demons tremble at the mention of your name ooh
God of thunder, you're the God of fire
Come and do what only you can do

Mighty man of War, Lion of Judah
We bow down and worship you
Yahweh Yahweh, come and do what only you can do

You're the father to the fatherless
You're the mother to the motherless
The husband to the widow
The help to the helpless
My healer, you're my deliverer
Come and do what only you can do
You're the way maker
You're the mountain mover
You raise the death and make the barren fruitful
Yahweh Yahweh come and do what only you can do
Yahweh, Yahweh, Yahweh
Yahweh, Yahweh, Yahweh
Come and do what only you can do

Yahweh, we call you by your name
Nobody can do the things you do
Yahweh Yahweh come and do what only you can do
Yahweh, Yahweh, Yahweh
Come and do what only you can do

Mighty man of War, Lion of Judah
We bow down and worship you
Yahweh Yahweh, come and do what only you can do


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AMELIA Yes!!!! Very touching song 2 weeks ago
Waana Samuheha this song takes me to a place nothing nor any one else can,I feel greatly comforted,inspired, fulfilled n uplifted whenever I listen to it.Jimmy may the Almighty God richly bless n protect u. 3 weeks ago
Vickey I feel like Jesus has come ryt away in my life,He is physically here with me 4 weeks ago
Nelson Madisa whoaaa!!! this is great song, i'll buy the album and the video... may the good Lord Bless and keep you, in Jesus' name amen. 1 month ago
Violet Ntombi Maloya This song is ablessing to me....it really touches my soul....may de almighty God continue giving jimmy more wisdom of composing best gospel songs. 1 month ago
Maureen This song is a blessing to me I always find myself singing in the house and at work it reminds me that when you sing you pray twice.Thanks Jimmy this was the right time to have this song. 1 month ago
Philanthropic Shango woow this is powerful indeed I believe God will do great things all the days of my life 1 month ago
Joseph I love your music with all my heart. 1 month ago
Martha I love this song very much.may God bless you jimmy.I even cry when listening to this song. 1 month ago
Charity Muzembi may the Lord continue to bless Jimmy .....we have blessed..weneva I listen to the song ,it reboot my mood 1 month ago
J. Divine Crawford Heavenly Father thank you so much ! For giving Jimmy with very much inspirational song that has transformed many lives .Heavenly Father all the days of his life, cause him to experience your spiritual and physical blessings in Jesus Christ name. Amen!!!! 1 month ago
Nancy yes god iz our warrior he kan do de thing dat human being lke me and u we kan not do 1 month ago
Frank Chamah God i need u 1 month ago
Frank Chamah come and do for me wat only you can do i need u my God 1 month ago
Ken surely He is my deliverer 2 months ago
Bernard Larkai He is the God whn does and have done and still doing what no one can do, and only Him praise upon...God bless you for such a wonderful song ministration 2 months ago
Thembise Kulemera Indeed our Yahweh is the only one that can do what no man can do.... Really blessed 2 months ago
Prosper Hallelujah. Yahweh come and do what only you can do..... A good song indeed
2 months ago
Rhoda This is my favorite song 2 months ago
Apollo Mbogo What a blessing in this song! 2 months ago
Cecila Blessing song we believe in a living God,there is a power of God when i listening this blessing song 2 months ago
Paul John Taylor I am so glad that you produce this song, if it has not been for this song then my destiny coulden have arrived. As I received my destiny, so your days should be prolong on the surface of the earth to continue doing the work of God. may God bless you as long you may live. 2 months ago
Veronicah Mathe Ooh such a nice song ......Yahweh Yahweh we need you come and do what only you can do...it encourages one alot 2 months ago
Masaba Johnwilson Great song!! Great artist!! Am blessed beyond measure. 3 months ago
Eric Buria Greatful ,
I usualy feel present of every time I come across to this song.God bless you. 3 months ago
Tatenda Sisimayi Very powerful, soul healing. Feel like crying when listening to it. Yaahweh come and do wat only you can do..... 3 months ago
Nabea Julius What a powerful song, am blessed 4 months ago
Charles Mwaka A blessing worship 4 months ago
ThankGod This soul lifting song has taken away all the subjects of the devil within and outside of me. 4 months ago
Prince Denis Luwala It's a gateway to spiritual realm 4 months ago
Jean Baptiste très cool son pour la Gloire de mon Sauveur Jésus

5 months ago
Jean Baptiste gloire à Dieu, gloire à Dieu pour ta vie JIMMY. ce son me rapproche quant je l'écoute 5 months ago
Aveth Vedasto Be blessed man of God 5 months ago
Celiwe This song makes me so blessed.I even cry when this is beating .I feel LYK heavens are open 5 months ago
Esther Very spiritual powerful song it works wonders even in my dreams .Amen Yahweh come and do want only you can do 5 months ago
Sifa Magayane Thank you so much I need lyrics 5 months ago
Joseph ... Yahweh, Yahweh come and do what only you can do. 5 months ago
Asenaca Amen very touching 5 months ago
Masunungure Gezani Soul healing and spiritually uplifting,am blessed 5 months ago
Khangos I feel blessed 5 months ago
Francis very much powerful and blessing 5 months ago
Apostle Faida Amazing, what a powerful song my God!!! 5 months ago
Peter - Moderator At Sifalyrics Unfortunately we are unable to provide audio at this time, We need permission from the specific artists to offer mp3 downloads. 5 months ago
Esther Great work.work . Good application. How do I get the audio on WhatsApp? 5 months ago

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Exodus 15 : 3

The Lord is a man of war: the Lord is his name.

1st Samuel 17 : 47

And all these people who are here today may see that the Lord does not give salvation by sword and spear: for the fight is the Lord's, and he will give you up into our hands.

2nd Chronicles 20 : 15

And he said, Give ear, O Judah, and you people of Jerusalem, and you, King Jehoshaphat: the Lord says to you, Have no fear and do not be troubled on account of this great army; for the fight is not yours but God's.

Isaiah 42 : 13

The Lord will go out as a man of war, he will be moved to wrath like a fighting-man: his voice will be strong, he will give a loud cry; he will go against his attackers like a man of war.

Revelation 5 : 5

And one of the rulers said to me, Do not be sad: see, the Lion of the tribe of Judah, the Root of David, has overcome, and has power to undo the book and its seven stamps.

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