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Other Names Fade by Free Worship

Song Information
  • Song Title: Other Names Fade
  • Album: Other Names Fade - EP
  • Artist: Free Worship
  • Released On: 18 May 2018
  • Download/Stream: iTunes Music

Other Names Fade Lyrics


 You are alive in this place 

 It's at your name that people change  

 Together we lift up a praise   

 As we declare that you are great


There's no other name that heals us              

No other name by which we're saved        

There's no other name that frees us           

No other name like yours


Let the other names fade away 

Jesus You remain the same      

All the other names fade away     

Give me Jesus, Jesus

Verse 2:

 Every heart declares Your name

 With every breath we give You praise

 In You we put all of our faith

 As we declare that You are great 


 Let the other names fade away 

 Jesus You remain the same 

 All the other names fade away    

 Give me Jesus, Je-sus

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