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  • Song Title: Seek
  • Album: On the Altar of Love
  • Artist: Downhere
  • Released On: 18 Oct 2011
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Downhere Seek

Seek Lyrics

Hear the words of a quintessential Lover
Feel the urgency
The Designer of the heart is beckoning
Those He longs to reach

No whims of emotion
It's hardwired to my soul
The call left unanswered
Will quickly take its toll

Seek while He may be found
Delight in Him in these times
This is the invitation
We've been waiting for
Seek while He may be found

Call on Him while He's near
Don't you fear, He won't hide
(Just come like a child)
(Don't you fear, He is here)
And He's calling You back home

Bold, He makes no hesitation
Like a kid with a crush
Proved it all in the instigation
When I was way out of touch

Oh come all you thirsty
You broken and sorrowful
His justice and mercy
Will mend and make you whole

In the opera of life, the Composer is clear
Not clich

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