Downhere - Dying To Know You Lyrics

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  • Song Title: Dying To Know You (Live in Williamsburg, VA)
  • Album: Thank You for Coming: The Live Bootlegs - EP
  • Artist: Downhere
  • Released On: 01 Apr 2008
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Downhere Dying To Know You

Dying To Know You Lyrics

Old streets don't lead back where they used to
We blaze new trails to ancient places
I still love You just like I used to
But this love won't fit spreadsheets

I don't just want to hear it
I want to feel it too
It's less like I'm trying
Its more like I'm dying to know You

New day, new wave, same destination
With all this new change, lest we forget our beginnings
But Im done with lip service
You look through the skin to the heart that drives this
Beyond trying, Im dying for love

Im dying to swim in Your sea
Im dying to taste and see
Im dying in all that I do
So come to me cause I cant get to You

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