Downhere - Remember Me Lyrics

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  • Song Title: Remember Me (Story Behind the Song)
  • Album: Wide-Eyed and Simplified: Unrehearsed, Unpolished, Unplugged
  • Artist: Downhere
  • Released On: 01 Dec 2006
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Downhere Remember Me

Remember Me Lyrics

The brightest stars of history
The triumphs, failures, infamy
Just blend into tapestry
The ebbing waves of memory's beach
Will mark the sand where waters reach
Impressions are all they leave

Words forgotten, never to return
But these precious few are flames that always burn

"Remember Me, remember Me
Every time you drink, and every time you eat
Remember Me, remember Me."

So we drink the wine and break the bread
Our senses will remind our heads
From now until Kingdom comes
Proclaiming what is carved in stone
A death that only One could own
So many would come to know

A life begotten which cannot be earned
The promise that will not be overturned

The blood that spilled, the body broke
Will not depart my frontal lobe
The Great Rebirth of 33, it was, it is, will always be

"Remember Me, remember Me
Every time you drink, and every time you eat
With every word you speak, and every breath you breathe
Remember Me, remember Me."

So take the bread, take the wine
Look beyond this mortal time
And wait for the Kingdom

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