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Nineveh by Brooke Ligertwood

Nineveh Lyrics


Oh Nineveh                

The Lord is turning toward you      

Compassion or calamity

Will you heed the warning


Fall on your knees              

Tear down your idols

When you choose surrender

You choose survival


Call on His Name

Turn from your violence

Out of the ashes

He will revive You


God have mercy

God have mercy


I know You are a gracious God    

I know You’re slow to anger        

But I misunderstood Your love

Forgive me God for running


You sent a wind            

Stirred up the ocean

Still I rebelled

My heart wasn’t open


But when I prayed

You were there waiting

I made a vow

To speak Your salvation



Oh Nineveh

The Lord is turning toward you


Holy Spirit help me see         

Where there is Nineveh in me 

Turn away Your wrath once more                               

God have mercy        


Perfect prophet, priest, and King                                     

Christ became the reckoning  

In His body bore my sin        

Now to all who trust in Him     

God has mercy                

God have mercy on us         



Oh Nineveh

The Lord is turning toward you

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