Brooke Ligertwood - King Jesus Lyrics

King Jesus Lyrics

It is right to praise You
To bring the sacrifice You deserve
For those forgiven much
Dare not forget Your touch
Cannot withhold Your praise
For there is no other
Seated at the Father’s right hand
And Yours scarred with the proof
Of what You chose to lose
So grace was mine to gain
King Jesus
King Jesus
King Jesus
You come with eyes ablazing
On your thigh the Name above Names
Interceding Son
Our Christ the Risen One
The slain and worthy Lamb
You ride to end the battle
That in eternity You’ve already won
We praise and pull it down
The victory, the sound
Heaven on earth the same
King Jesus
King Jesus
King Jesus
Let it rise, praise ascend
Glory to the Lamb
Let it rise, praise again
Glory to the Lamb
Holy, holy, holy is the Lord
Worthy, worthy, worthy is the Lord
King Jesus
King Jesus
Worthy are You Lord

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