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  • Song Title: Thought They Knew (feat. Datin & D Maub)
  • Album: Well Wishes
  • Artist: Bizzle
  • Released On: 22 Jul 2014
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Bizzle Thought They Knew

Thought They Knew Lyrics

Verse 1 - Bizzle
They figure that I could break any day now fell down hill down never lay down
I was hell bound with the same route of the cats in the game now Christ came with a new way and it played out
With a new Biz brand new life two new kids and a new wife
Living in a new crib in due time whole new team hit the billboards through time
Man who'd a figure this happen just when I was really finna quit rapping
Just then God came within and flip planning since then just been living in His standards
Forget fans they opinions didn't matter wasn't tryna get fans I was just rapping
Giving glory to the Lord and it just happened little hiccup with Jigga they figured my career would be quick-sanding
But I'm back like I never left armor on tight like a metal vest
With a faith that'll move Mount Everest we finna ride like a bicycle on rappers that pedal death
God over money my motto poppin' no bottles I got no Moscato
Poppin' that ra ra you watching movoto dishonor my father you die with no homo
Homie this deeper than rap it's prolly the only thing that Ross ever said I agree with in fact
I ain't eager to clap I'm just ready for the war when it seems constantly my belief is attacked
A lie never want it with the truth though and y'all really want it with my crew bro
If God wasn't with us you probably could take us but He is so ain't way that you could tame us

Hook - Bizzle
I thought they knew it
Oh no don't you do it
(repeat x2)

Verse 2 - Datin
I thought you knew it but it's obvious you've been misinformed
But the Lord that was whipped and scorned spit and sworn at flesh ripped and torn
Wore a crown made of twisted thorn He was pinned to boards they hung Him on a tree
Like a Christmas ornament for the sins he bore and it's you that he did this for
I ain't talkin' 'bout the X-Men when I tell you that the beast rose wit' the storm
So when it gets hard they'll be there in your ear tryna tell you that the Lord don't exist in your
On your own so your disconformed to the pattern of this world and resist the Lord
But there is forgiveness for everybody that believes so repent and enlist in war
They be using these godless methods to leave all your thoughts infected
From all of the garbage y'all taught from y'all professors to hearing these frauds on records
Talking reckless the record pool's shark infested the little kids scarf this message
See all the evil in this world and it's all connected the world's gone narcoleptic
We gotta make a conscious effort to fight we can all accept this
So draw your weapons come march and rep with the squad we da' army of Gods' elected
We not to mess with to darkness exits the world you will all see this monster record
But we do it for the Father God over money's in the building but we here to show you who the architect is Jesus


Verse 3 - D-M.A.U.B.
It's crazy cuz you think they woulda learned they lesson by now
Maybe on da' brink of getting burned rejecting my style
Neva' da' weakest link my concern is blessing the crowd
Lately wit dis ink I'm that germ infecting da' proud
Make um get low dis' bro sick flow maybe even skitso spit fast spit slow
Get yo' mind right all you do is get doe hit da' spliff blow
Betta tread light tip toe
When you walkin' cuz ain't no tellin' who wit you dey jus be talkin' and fail you really against you
And way too often dey try to sell you convince you
Continue flossin' but He compels you to lift you
And I'm just sayin' I'm tired of playin' I know you understand His only plan to grow you
No mo' delayin' don't want His hand to show you that He da' man so start obeyin' befo' you
Bout' to lose it all fall to your plimat when really you should focus on puttin' out to the sinna'
He watches so fo' real there is really no where to hidna'
I strive to comply need to let Him be your Ginad
Keep good company on me and all around me stay away from bozos only seeking to clown me
Even though I was up in the circus when He found me swimmin' in death but death can no longer drown me

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