Bizzle - Bibbidi-Bobbidi-Boo Lyrics

Bibbidi-Bobbidi-Boo Lyrics

Intro: Bizzle
Yo D' (Uh)
Let's have fun with this one (Yeah)

Verse 1: Bizzle
I am, on a mission (Yeah)
For the I AM, don't miss it
Nothin' like them, we different
Never let your light down, we live it (Yo)
Feeling like, I'm on top of the, whole world, you're not stopping 'em (Yeah)
On they head like a yamaka, blood dripping, Dracula (Uh)
Boy, it's Yahweh or no way, if the word of God said obey (Woo)
You can be the king and the sound hot, but the crown drop with the throne leg
Got it on lock like I'm OJ, and that's on top like a low fade
Man the bars hot, every song I need a cough drop for the throat pain
On the floor broke I was okay, now the full cade on the gold chain (Woo)
I never let a record drop made hella guap and gave 'em it the whole thing
Unashamed and we ain't duckin', know we came in this game buckin'
GOM got the game buzzing, let the folk know a train coming

Verse 2: Datin
Everyone sounding the same (Same)
They just be copying dudes (Woo)
And when they go rap they flow like this, bibbidi-bobbidi-boo (That's rude)
Plus they all mumbling now (Now)
? has got me confused (What's that)
Oh my how things have changed, 'cause now, when your flow sloppy it's cold (That's true)
I don't hate on them cats, I'm too grown
Tracklist too long, raps is too strong
Even though I'm saved like cash with coupons
I'ma beat up every track, black and blue holmes
I don't know what type of crack you dudes on
When I write raps and I'm craftin' new songs
It's like when they packing nuke bombs
If I happen to drop a track then you gone (Wow)
Lemme relax, lemme relax, go ahead loco and take it easy (Wow)
I don't mean to brag, that's mean and bad
I don't condone and make believe me (Wow)
I apologize for my aggressiveness, I'm just sick and tired of there messages
In this records that they make so effortless so I spit like life to kill the death they spit

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