Bizzle - Not for Sale Lyrics

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  • Song Title: Not for Sale (feat. Kefia Rollerson)
  • Album: Surrender
  • Artist: Bizzle
  • Released On: 23 Oct 2015
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Bizzle Not for Sale

Not for Sale Lyrics

Verse 1
I don't know what you reaching out your hand for
'For I shake it, I'll break it, hit the grave 'for I fake it
I will not accept payment to hand folk
Over to the devil knowing Christ is they last hope
Surrounded by a bunch of gustos' out of low cash
But I ain't selling my soul or my notepad
What you want me to do? Promote crack
Figured they wouldn't reject the noose if the rope black
So you make one a dealer make the rest fiends
Make one a millionaire make the rest bleed
Wanna see us hanging a few good guys
Sit 'em in a Bent-Coup and make the noose look fly
I can't do it, I know what it feel like
Tryna fit a rap fantasy into my real life
Got a couple real homies doing real time
Tryna eat now they being told when it's meal time
Why would I make that appealing to 'em
Why would I make rap a ceiling to 'em
And now you sayin' I'm the villain cause I'm chillin'
Tryna get this penicillin through 'em in the message
I ain't quittin' till it's been delivered to 'em

I won't support your lies no more
I won't even try no more
If I have to die Oh Lord
That's how I choose to live
I won't be compromised no more
I can't be victimized no more
I just don't sympathize no more
So now I understand
You just wanna use me

Verse 2
What you want me to do? Stunt on errbody
Fake it till I make it and front on errbody
Make 'em feel low, cause they don't got what I got
Like they ain't on my level, cause they don't rock what I rock
Tell 'em that I live a life they should wanna kill fo'
Steal fo' that's what you gettin' new jails built fo'
That's how you pick and choose who the record deal's fo'
First one to tap dance, do a lil' heel-toe
Tryna use poverty against 'em like
Give 'em a Ferrari, they'll lie for you and then some
Throw a dress on, rock press-ons
Help push the same-sex laws and disrespect God
Heck nah, what I look like tryna impress y'all
Homie y'all either step off or get stepped on
They sayin' that I talk like I walk 'round with Teflon flesh on
For Christ that's a line I'm willing to put my neck on
So gwan head Philistine get the guillotine
Three rocks from a sling shot'll make yo timba lean
Y'all deny the Son like Michael did Billie Jean
But you calendar is still based off him it seems
Right, B.C. Before Christ A.D
Anno Domini the year of The Lord right
So you can mock and you can front 'bout the knowledge y'all got
But every time you say the year you acknowledge my God


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