Bizzle - This Ain't Love Lyrics

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  • Song Title: This Ain't Love (feat. Lavoisier & Sevin)
  • Album: Tough Love & Parables
  • Artist: Bizzle
  • Released On: 21 Jun 2011
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Bizzle This Ain't Love

This Ain't Love Lyrics

Intro: Bizzle
God Over Money
AO Mega
Hog Mog
Let's go

Verse 1: Bizzle
Uh, sometimes I feel like I wanna quit, like I don't want the fame that seems to be comin with
But either way, I gotta do what I gotta do
So somebody hand me a slingshot and a rock or two
Bizzle, I'm goin in before I go away
Here to follow Christ, see I'm kind of like His protege
Sent to let the world know be ready cause He on His way
And them cats with you ain't gon' stand with you on His day
You say you love him huh, but what's love to you?
The way we learn to love is not love
Do you understand that love is not when they come to you in daft but over a stack put a slug through you
Love won't always agree with you
We like 'yes men' but real men is what you need with you
Love will keep it a hundred and one
Love will watch his language in front of your son
Uh, sometimes love is what makes the homie fight for you
Sometimes it's only cause fighting is what they like to do
Love ain't helping you cheat on your wife
Love will be like, "Go home, be with your wife."
Not sit up in your living room and listen to you beat on your wife, then come out and play Madden like it never happened
Love will tell you when you wrong, then help fix it
Love forgives, what is this?
Cause this ain't love

Outro to Bizzle's verse
So fickle, uh, it's so conditional (cause this ain't love)
We just throw that word around man
This ain't love

Verse 2: Lavoisier
There comes a time in life where you just gotta up and quit, and separate from the foolishness that you grew up with
There's a feeling of power you get when you grip a pistol
But it's foolish to take a life just because somebody dissed you
Now how you say it's love when you pass your man a ratchet and '
Incite him to commit murder
Now he in a casket or doing life in prison
And you don't write or visit
Your man died, you don't even go to see his children
Much less your own
But when I ask you why you hustle you tell me cause you got kids
Homie what you on?
Come on, we gotta do better homes
Go to college and put our families up in better homes
Come on, we're too grown to reject what's known
Trying to reason with you so I hope you accept this poem
Risking freedom, man, your wife and kids for beamers and some ice
You can't be beating on your wife
And teach your seeds about what's right
Hope that you get to the point where you can't even sleep at night
Bible says Jesus is coming like a thief inside the night
And you'd be wise to heed the truth and seek and let it speak to you
No I ain't perfect at it, but what I speak is true
I know that life is hard, but that ain't no excuse
Feeling like they pass you by and barely even notice you
What's missing, you get from the One above
So we can learn what nobody ever showed us fam'
Cause this ain't love

Outro to Lavoisier's verse
It's not fam, I know you feel like it is
But this ain't love, you know?
Gotta change man

Verse 3: Sevin
Yeah, are you conscious? Great!
Then may we conversate?
Step out in faith, you gotta wait, love conquers hate
It's frustrating, I relate
But seeking perfect love within imperfect people, that was my mistake
I see now if I ain't with Him then I'm limited
My love is a gimmick, it is blemished, His is infinite
Mine is sinful, it is simple, His is intricate
Nowadays, our idea of intimate is the internet
It's like I am quick to say I love you if you doing for me, but if you lose what I am using, do it moving homie
Because you are only a means to an end
That's why the Bible says be careful sharing dreams with your friends
All my bangers, have love for they other crew
They got brothers who died and brought tears to they mothers too
It started with brotherhood, not hating on another hood
The gang of cowards misused it, look what it drug us to
They'll turn you out just to turn on you
They'll catch a case and put the burn on you
They'll say they love you, then they pass the pistol
Give you a sack of crystal and if you ain't with it and then you yap, that's the issue, how is that official?
Our thinking's distorted, so much discord
It's like we need to activate love, but where's the switch for it?
True love will scold you to mold you
Never say I told you so, it don't hold you
But let you go too
Man that's so true

Outro to Sevin's verse
Love is patient, love is kind man
Cause this ain't love
You know I'm sayin? We do a whole lot of things but love ain't one of them
This ain't love
That's it

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