Bizzle - Think 4 A Minute Lyrics

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  • Song Title: Think 4 a Minute
  • Album: The Good Fight
  • Artist: Bizzle
  • Released On: 07 May 2013
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Bizzle Think 4 A Minute

Think 4 A Minute Lyrics

Verse 1
What up? What it is, homie?
This one here is for tha OG's & lil' homies
Huggin' tha block, duckin da cops wit' bundles of rocks
Tucked in tha dash of tha Jag wit' one in his sock
How you feel about ya situation?
You love it or you hate it or you indifferent long as it is payin'(for real)
And is it really for yo kids like you claimin' or
Dat 22 inches on dat Benz dat you swangin'?
And if it really is, I'm just prayin' that it change
Fo' you put dat fiend's kids in dat same situation
Where they kids is sufferin', they tummies in a rage
Cuz' they moms gave you they food money for some 'caine
If she was yo reli' would you tell her go home?
Would you tell her do better? Would you sell her those stones?
Does anybody around ya tell ya dat it's wrong?
Have you ever heard a rap star tell ya dat in songs?

I know it sounds like I'm preachin' to ya
But but think fo' a minute, homie
They say ya' too far gone but I'm reachin for ya
Sayin' just think fo' a minute, homie
I know dat life moves fast so we never take the chance
To think fo' a minute, homie
Think fo' a minute, homie
Yeah, Think fo' a minute, homie

(Verse 2):

What up pimp?
Look, Let me get a minute wit' you
To see why when I called you dat you ain't feel as if I dissed you
And if I was White, would it cause a bigger issue?
We love to claim it but you hate it when it's pinned against you
Like, "Oh I'm Black so you figga I'm a thug?"
Then be on tha block like, "Yeah nigga I'm a thug"
It's like we afraid ta dream, it's a shame ta see
Went from slave to free now look at the things we claim ta be
What's keepin' us from cleanin' da streets?
Why in our neighborhood, it's cool for people ta be
Thievin' & robbin' & makin' fiends that are feeble and weak
Killin' each other wit'out thinkin' if people'll even speak to police?
And I don't wanna hear tha government gave us that
They might've gave us straps
But they ain't make 'em clap
And they ain't in tha hood mowin' down black folks
And they ain't coming to tha hood sellin' blacks dope


Verse 3
I see ya t-shirt say stop snitchin'
But the hood just tha hood cuz' we not snitchin'
Not snitchin' is what got em on tha block trippin'
Drug dealers ain't hidin', they standin' on da block pitchin'
Come to tha hood everybody & commit a crime!
Even if they see you & tha cops come, they finna' lie
You can't steal from Beverly Hills, you'll go ta jail
But you can hit the hood in broad day & won't no one tell
Used ta wanna make the streets safer fa tha kids but no
We would rather make the streets safer fa tha criminal
You safer in tha hood robbin' 5 dudes fa 20 dollas
Than in Hollywood robbin' 1 fo' a hunnid dollas
Yeah it sound stupid, it's supposed to
It shoulda sounded dat way when they told you
The cold part is I was raised on tha hype
So it's hard for me ta tell even if I know it's right
It's crazy


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