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  • Song Title: Better Way Pt.2 (Sandy Hook Tribute) [Bonus Track]
  • Album: The Good Fight
  • Artist: Bizzle
  • Released On: 07 May 2013
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Bizzle Better Way

Better Way Lyrics

Uhh Bizzle! Here we go again huh? Don't say nothing to me if you ain't go'n say nothing to them

See I dont need the beat I can murder ya'll lose
Knock ya'll tops off like convertible coups
One claim to be the god, one use to be with God
Get the VCR I'ma rewind it back so you see it all
Ye made Jesus Walks and spit conscious
Then he took Jesus off and did monster
Seems in between it all he lost moms
And when he lost moms he turned against the Father
And though my hearts filled with compassion for the ills of her passin
I feel like I still have to mash him
I'ma draft pick to the team you traded off
My life was saved by the Christ ya'll hatin on
They can't compete with truth and they know it
Murder your style, bury it down in franks ocean
Ye said he sold his soul you ain't believe it
Cause you ain't close enough to Jesus for you to see it
But if he said the same things about your mama
That he said about Christ you would go osama
So is Christ more like the homie you'd die for?
Or the dude your cool with but won't ride for?
As for the Christians how could you listen to these cats diss the Gospel?
When your mission is to push it,like the Apostle Paul went to prison
You scared now you'll fall in the hostile conditions
Back to the lecture at hand, Who this
Cat that sold the LORD out like Judas
Dreamed he could buy his way to Heaven
Woke up then spent it on a necklace
Told God he'll be back in a second
Them are his words not mine
I wasn't saved then so I ain't see the signs
You with satan fine, But dont play with God
Other fans keep it 100 so they can pick a side

So these cats say there's no Church in the wild
We startin our own religion
And then jay compares Jesus to ye
And himself to the Holy Ghost
And he got you calling him jovah
So who's the god of that new religion?
When he's big enough to mention Christ
But I ain't big enough to mention him in your eyes

They like who am I to mention jays name
Because of jays bread because of jays fame
But if raps the reason you put him on a pedestal
Then my last record should of shown you he's edible
Ya'll much got such low self-esteem
Stunted off so much and cats in this game like
Look at my house,look at my range,look at you strugglin I can make it rain
Look at my ice,look at my women,look at my life you are not livin
You the one that put them on the throne that they sit on (why)
Just for you to look up and get spit on
Socially I am on the same level you on
So if you feel he's to big and I'm too small
To mention his name If I'm not worthy you obviously must not feel like you are
Jigga blasphemed from the get-go
This is not new, but it's finna get old
They say let them believe in what he wants to believe in
He does not have to believe in your Jesus (True)
But why would he just spit rhyme after rhyme
About a God he does not believe in
The problem is not what I'm not believing
Why does he keep mentioning what I believe in?
Folks so blind that I can see what the problem is
Compared to most cats jay sounds positive
So when he gets on "monster" and says he rapes women and children ya'll don't even acknowledge it
Counterfeit kingdom what throne are you on?
B.I.G. and Pac died hip-hop ain't choose ya'll
You the leftovers, named yourself hova
You are not the best in it you just older
So ask yourself do ya'll have a price?
If he came out and said f ya'll Christ
Then came to your hood tomorrow night
Givin beamers away would he be alright? (No Passes)
They sayin if you scared go to church
Like we just over here sittin scared in the church
Every last disciples blood shed and was merked
So I signed up for this prepare for the work


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