Nara Reggae Cover

Tim Godfrey & Travis Greene Nara Cover reggae Version 
You have done so much for me 
I can not tell it all 
Nara ekele mo  .

If I had ten thousand tongues 
It still won’t be enough 
Nara ekele mo  .

Ni Mungu unayeponya 
Ukiponya waponya kabisa 
Narakelemo  .

Ujuaye moyo wangu
Wewe ndiye njia ya uzima 
Nara ekele mo  .

What shall I render to Jehovah 
for He’s done so much for me 
Nikupe nini Mungu wangu 
kwa yote umenitendea  .

Nara nara (Nara nara eh) 
Nara ekele mo 
Nara nara (Nara nara eh) 
Nara ekele mo  .

All things are working for my good 
He is intentional, hey never failing  .

Nara nara  
Nara ekele mo  .

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