Psalms Chapter 91 Bible in Basic English

Psalms 91:1

Happy is he whose resting-place is in the secret of the Lord, and under the shade of the wings of the Most High;

Psalms 91:2

Who says of the Lord, He is my safe place and my tower of strength: he is my God, in whom is my hope.

Psalms 91:3

He will take you out of the bird-net, and keep you safe from wasting disease.

Psalms 91:4

You will be covered by his feathers; under his wings you will be safe: his good faith will be your salvation.

Psalms 91:5

You will have no fear of the evil things of the night, or of the arrow in flight by day,

Psalms 91:6

Or of the disease which takes men in the dark, or of the destruction which makes waste when the sun is high.

Psalms 91:7

You will see a thousand falling by your side, and ten thousand at your right hand; but it will not come near you.

Psalms 91:8

Only with your eyes will you see the reward of the evil-doers.

Psalms 91:9

Because you have said, I am in the hands of the Lord, the Most High is my safe resting-place;

Psalms 91:10

No evil will come on you, and no disease will come near your tent.

Psalms 91:11

For he will give you into the care of his angels to keep you wherever you go.

Psalms 91:12

In their hands they will keep you up, so that your foot may not be crushed against a stone.

Psalms 91:13

You will put your foot on the lion and the snake; the young lion and the great snake will be crushed under your feet.

Psalms 91:14

Because he has given me his love, I will take him out of danger: I will put him in a place of honour, because he has kept my name in his heart.

Psalms 91:15

When his cry comes up to me, I will give him an answer: I will be with him in trouble; I will make him free from danger and give him honour.

Psalms 91:16

With long life will he be rewarded; and I will let him see my salvation.