Psalms Chapter 66 Bible in Basic English

Psalms 66:1

<To the chief music-maker. A Song. A Psalm.> Send up a glad cry to God, all the earth:

Psalms 66:2

Make a song in honour of his name: give praise and glory to him.

Psalms 66:3

Say to God, How greatly to be feared are your works! because of your great power your haters are forced to put themselves under your feet.

Psalms 66:4

Let all the earth give you worship, and make songs to you; let them make songs to your name. (Selah.)

Psalms 66:5

Come and see the works of God: he is to be feared in all he does to the children of men.

Psalms 66:6

The sea was turned into dry land: they went through the river on foot: there did we have joy in him.

Psalms 66:7

He is ruling in power for ever; his eyes are watching the nations: may his haters have no strength against him. (Selah.)

Psalms 66:8

Give blessings to our God, O you peoples, let the voice of his praise be loud;

Psalms 66:9

Because he gives us life, and has not let our feet be moved.

Psalms 66:10

For you, O God, have put us to the test: testing us by fire like silver.

Psalms 66:11

You let us be put in prison; chains were put on our legs.

Psalms 66:12

You let men go driving over our heads; we went through fire and through water; but you took us out into a wide place.

Psalms 66:13

I will come into your house with burned offerings, I will make payment of my debt to you,

Psalms 66:14

Keeping the word which came from my lips, and which my mouth said, when I was in trouble.

Psalms 66:15

I will give you burned offerings of fat beasts, and the smoke of sheep; I will make offerings of oxen and goats. (Selah.)

Psalms 66:16

Come, give ear to me, all you God-fearing men, so that I may make clear to you what he has done for my soul.

Psalms 66:17

My voice went up to him, and I was lifted up from the underworld.

Psalms 66:18

I said in my heart, The Lord will not give ear to me:

Psalms 66:19

But truly God's ear has been open; he has give attention to the voice of my prayer.

Psalms 66:20

Praise be to God who has not taken away his good faith and his mercy from me.