Psalms Chapter 27 Bible in Basic English

Psalms 27:1

<Of David.> The Lord is my light and my salvation; who is then a cause of fear to me? the Lord is the strength of my life; who is a danger to me?

Psalms 27:2

When evil-doers, even my haters, came on me to put an end to me, they were broken and put to shame.

Psalms 27:3

Even if an army came against me with its tents, my heart would have no fear: if war was made on me, my faith would not be moved.

Psalms 27:4

One prayer have I made to the Lord, and this is my heart's desire; that I may have a place in the house of the Lord all the days of my life, looking on his glory, and getting wisdom in his Temple.

Psalms 27:5

For in the time of trouble he will keep me safe in his tent: in the secret place of his tent he will keep me from men's eyes; high on a rock he will put me.

Psalms 27:6

And now my head will be lifted up higher than my haters who are round me: because of this I will make offerings of joy in his tent; I will make a song, truly I will make a song of praise to the Lord.

Psalms 27:7

O Lord, let the voice of my cry come to your ears: have mercy on me, and give me an answer.

Psalms 27:8

When you said, Make search for my face, my heart said to you, For your face will I make my search.

Psalms 27:9

Let not your face be covered from me; do not put away your servant in wrath; you have been my help: do not give me up or take your support from me, O God of my salvation.

Psalms 27:10

When my father and my mother are turned away from me, then the Lord will be my support.

Psalms 27:11

Make your way clear to me, O Lord, guiding me by the right way, because of my haters.

Psalms 27:12

Do not give me into their hands, because false witnesses have come out against me, and men breathing destruction.

Psalms 27:13

I had almost given up my hope of seeing the blessing of the Lord in the land of the living.

Psalms 27:14

Let your hope be in the Lord: take heart and be strong; yes, let your hope be in the Lord.