247 I will praise You Jehovah SifaLyrics

Sonnie Badu SifaLyrics

24-7 I will praise you Jehovah
24-7 I will praise your Holy Name

This kind God ooh, I never see your type ooh
This kind God ooh, Blessed be your holy name

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Bible Verses for 247 I will praise You Jehovah

Psalms 34 : 11 in SW

Come, children, give attention to me; I will be your teacher in the fear of the Lord.

Psalms 47 : 7 in SW

For God is the King of all the earth; make songs of praise with knowledge.

Micah 7 : 18 in SW

Who is a God like you, offering forgiveness for evil-doing and overlooking the sins of the rest of his heritage? he does not keep his wrath for ever, because his delight is in mercy.