You Don't Know

You Don't Know Lyrics

You don't know what I have been through
Let me share my story with you
All the things
That he brought me through
My stormy days and my rainy days .

You don't know all the tears I have cried
The things have kept bottled up inside
Trying my best to be strong
Waiting on God and holding on .

You don't know what I had to endure
And you wonder why i'm so sure
Cause my father never lets me down
He is always around
Even when I can't see
Oh thank you Jesus .

You don't know how many times I have prayed
Although I know that
But my situation didn't change
Never changed
Just when I felt like it was the end
You came and you did it again
You did it again you did it again
And you did it again
Hey I know you have got a story too
How God stepped in and made a way for you
He prayed everyone of your tears yeah

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