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When the Walls Tumble by Whitecross

Song Information
  • Song Title: When the Walls Tumble
  • Album: To the Limit: The Best of Whitecross
  • Artist: Whitecross
  • Released On: 01 Jan 1993
  • Download/Stream: iTunes Music

When the Walls Tumble Lyrics

You can feel the cold of a heart locked up in ice
Addicted to wine and women
Seems there's no escape from the vise
But still a higher power comes down
Like a chisel on cold steel
It's the love of God knockin' on the door
With a love that's oh so real

When the walls tumble down
There's no stoppin' the love from comin' in
When the walls tumble down
The new life will begin

Now you have a chance to lay it on the line
They're all playin' their cards
But they're runnin' out of time
Still the love of God keeps knockin'
Lick the hammer hits the nail
And the light through you can reach the world
If you let His love prevail

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