Whitecross - Top of the World Lyrics

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  • Song Title: Top of the World
  • Album: Hammer and Nail
  • Artist: Whitecross
  • Released On: 01 Jan 1991
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Whitecross Top of the World

Top of the World Lyrics

Time, you say you've got a lifetime to live, my friend.
At night, I always see you foolin with time.
Today you're a high speed ruler,
No time to listen to your heart.
But I know you're pacing on the wings of the night.

Living in a lost world, yeah.
Living in a lost world.

Living on a lick and a promise,
For the bill is gonna come due.
Will he be the long awaited friend,
Or a thief in the night to you?

No way can you look into the future and know
When he'll be coming on you.
Right now it's time to accept him,
Decision's overdue.

He's standing near with his arms open wide.
He's calling you, he knows your name.
The time has come, it's your choice to make

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